Electronic recipe


As part of the implementation of the “Electronic Prescription” information system in the district clinic, electronic plastic cards are issued, upon presentation of which medicines will be dispensed in the pharmacy network.

The issuance of PLASTIC CARDS “ELECTRONIC RECIPE” is carried out

in the clinic clinic

Monday-Friday from 8.00 to 19.00

Saturday from 8.00 to 14.00

To obtain an electronic plastic card with you must have:

For adults – a passport.
For the child population – a passport (in the absence of a child’s passport, a birth certificate and a parent’s passport are required)
The advantages of a plastic card and an electronic prescription:

5% is a discount from the retail price when buying domestic medicines.
2% is a discount from the retail price on all products of the pharmacy range, with the exception of domestic medicines.
The patient must take all necessary measures to preserve the card. In case of loss, the card is not restored, the patient will only be able to order a new card, with a different individual number.